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Saturday, June 03, 2006

A very good day all round

No walking today. I typed up the programme on my computer and waited, not always patiently, as my tiny printer very slowly produced a hundred or so sheets to go into the concert shells which have been kindly donated by Cantate Print Ltd.
Jane Davies and I had lunch in the garden on what has turned into a spectacularly gorgeous day and we celebrated her birthday today. I am deeply envious of her tiny waist as well as her gigantic brain. Life is not always fair.
I gathered my concert things together while the printer staggered through the last twenty programme sheets and waited for Lorna to arrive to transport us to Milton, Staffs for the rehearsal.
She arrived ¾ hr late, but we eventually made it to the church where the rehearsal was well in progress.
A huge thank you to Graeme Danby, his wife Val Reid, Johnny and his wife Helen Williams, Jill Phillips, and the brilliant accompanist Annette Saunders for coming up to Milton to perform for absolutely nothing. What generosity. And what a wonderful concert it was; fantastic singing and playing to an audience who really enjoyed every moment. The raffle, donations in the plate and ticket money will have brought in around six hundred pounds, so well done Milton Methodist Church, Mrs Washington and her team and to the delightful lady vicar for giving us the use of the church for nothing. A big success and a very good day all round.
Jill and Pam took me back to Rainow and, as we were all starving, we stopped at what we thought was a fish and chip shop close to Macclesfield. With the ironic inevitability I’m beginning to associate with this walk, they no longer served fish and chips. So we had Thai instead and it was fab. We crept into Wyn and Jane’s and made as little noise as possible while we munched our way through the freshly cooked and delicious take-away. Jane had gone to bed early as she’s off on a work trip tomorrow. We giggled and tidied up in whispers and then they were gone into the night. I retired to bed, replete and pretty knackered if truth be told.


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