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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dreary, eh?

You’ll be relieved to hear that for the next four days entries will be brief. Not without incident I’ll be bound, but there’s only so much one can say about housework or shopping.
I paid off my mortgage in Guildford this morning and bizarrely felt nothing at all. No jubilation or relief raised my blood pressure one jot and I went to Sainsbury’s feeling just the same as usual. Dreary, eh?
I was probably just tired and preoccupied and perhaps the riotous delirium at being mortgage free will hit me over the weekend.
I caught up with the diary – tough luck, everyone – and had a visit from my wonderfully cheerful, capable, and very close friend Carol Challis. Carol and I plotted my route on a map of Britain she’d bought and which she will display at Coverwood over the weekend. She’ll have a bucket handy for donations and I’m hoping she’ll make as much money as five years ago.
Then I went off in my parents’ car to Gatwick to pick up Linda Ormiston and James Nicol who are singing at the concerts. They were on excellent form and survived my slightly rusty driving with all their body parts and humour intact.
I left them in Woking, where they are staying with friends, collected my one and only pupil, Naomi Hyamson from Woking station and she and I spent a very useful two hours in the Barn at Coverwood going through the programme she’s giving at the Goethe Institute at 4.15pm on June 21st.
I threw supper together before taking her back to Woking and finally settled down to eat in front of the box at 9.30pm.
Apologies to all those who’ve left messages on my answer machine; I’ll do them in the morning as I’m very shortly off to bed. Night, night.


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