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Thursday, June 01, 2006

A brief foreword

Hello all, Will here.

Due to my Mum's lack of various things essential to writing a blog - regular access to the internet, computer literacy, a paid sub-editor - I shall be in charge of checking what she writes and posting it periodically. Necessary editing jobs therefore fall to me, such as the removal of excessive swearing (quite a task, I assure you), tidying up Mum's rather liberal approach when dealing with the humble comma, avoiding tiresome legal proceedings, and generally attempting to get the entries onto the site in an accurate and timely fashion.

You may have noticed that, with regards to the very last of these tasks, I have failed spectactularly. Fortunately I can just pass the buck, like any good editor, and blame the author herself: she has evidently found time to write prodigious quantities about the walk, quite how I do not know, but it has only recently winged its way to me. What I have received is really quite staggering in volume so, in order to avoid swamping you with the whole shebang, I shall be releasing it in installments, and slyly altering the dates shown so that it appears to have been published at the time of writing! At some point we may even catch up with the star herself - probably the only way any of us will be catching her! - and be able to read her entries almost as they are written.

Anyway, the first posts should appear below; I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have. Feel free to write comments for each post, as I am sure Mum would be keen to hear from her readers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello all, Toria here from the other side of the world (Sydney). I am keeping everyone up to speed on all things walk/blister/sheep related.

I just wanted to say that everyone (all three of my friends -I have achieved a lot in 2 years) wish you all the best and think you are absolutely fabulously wonderful for undertaking such a huge task. Oh and Mum, you're not doing too badly either.


And Will.

Toria xx

7:30 am  

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