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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bordering on insanely hot

Well, I had a voice this morning and spent a couple of hours catching up with paper work and packing for tomorrow’s journey back up to Rotherham. I decided to try staying indoors as much as possible and not singing a great deal before the concert. Hope springs eternal. Ha!
I felt very proud of myself when I finally sorted out all the post, tidied up or chucked out piles of paper and sort of packed for tomorrow.
Pathetic really.
I put some medium and small Opera Walk T shirts into the boot of the Boat with a box of Kathryn Harries and Friends charity CDs. My dear friend Peter Knight, with his customary generosity, paid for the CD to be produced and manufactured back in 1998. It was wonderfully produced by former concert pianist, Amanda Hurton, who is in huge demand now in her capacity as Panda Productions. She has the most phenomenal ‘ears’ and can be trusted to produce recordings of the highest possible standard. Clever girl.
Then a very brief rehearsal because today I was trying the ‘not singing too much’ approach and certainly trying the ‘keep indoors as much as possible’ approach in an attempt to thwart this bloody hayfever.
It must be so wonderful not to suffer from it; I’m sure all my singer friends who don’t get it think I’m a whinging Moaning Minnie. But it is such a difficulty and like a lot of things, only people who’ve experienced it can truly understand what it’s like. I know at least one singer who has given up because allergies made the continuation of her career impossible. I had Kenalog injections until last year to enable me to keep going but it seems that these slow release steroid injections (which go into the buttock of choice) make your hips disintegrate and collapse. So, that’ll be off the menu for the foreseeable future.
I’m going to try desensitisation if my allergy specialist agrees and see if that works. What fun it is; hayfever from February to August and colds and bronchitis in the winter. It’s all very character building but my character is quite well-built now, ta very much.
The concert in the evening was probably the best of the bunch – a fantastic crowd, lovely weather bordering on insanely hot – and everyone sang and played really well.
My boring hayfever meant I had to wriggle round the problem all evening but I managed to do it reasonably well and the result was ok. Not fun but tolerable. And the members of the audience were very generous when it came to donations in the bucket, lots took donation forms home with them, and quite a few T shirts were sold.
A final supper party after the show; I’d loaded up the Boat with the remaining T shirts, CDs and Opera Walk literature and after paying the artists, had some of Ann’s famously delicious lasagne. And a welcome glass or two of red wine.
What a pleasure Coverwood is; and when we do the ‘post mortem’ in a few weeks time, we’re going to bring some exciting new ideas to the table and make the Festival even better next year. If you’re interested, have a look at this site early next year and read about the 2007 Coverwood Concerts; I do hope you’ll come and I promise you, you’ll be in for a real treat.
Then back home and bed. I left everything in the Boat to be sorted out first thing in the morning. Lorna is hopefully going to be on time and arrive at 10.30am to load up the Jag and then back to Rotherham to start walking again. It’ll be a very funny feeling after being home to resume the gypsy life. Still, only about ten days to go.


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