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Friday, May 26, 2006

A feast fit for Kingsland

Today was a day of rest. I decided last night that I’d have a whole day off to catch up with this diary and to get over the chest infection.
I spent the morning writing while the sun shone blissfully and a touch ironically outdoors. I wasn’t walking so the rain kept away…
Nothing much to report until the evening when we had a soiree at the home of Catherine and Charles MacCarthy in the village.
Jackie, Bridget and several other ladies had prepared a splendid meal for after the concert, which was to take place in the drawing room of yet another fabulous home.
The piano was tuned, the seats were arranged in rows and at 7.45 Jill P, Gill Ford, Garry Magee, Lorna and I, together with the charming and very entertaining Dean of Hereford, began our performance.
The audience of forty was impressively attentive and everyone performed really well. Jill excelled herself in her readings, Garry sang like a god, Gill saved the audience from another of my Les Dawson impersonations, Father Michael was super in both his songs and readings, and I sang quite well considering the state of my lungs.
And then we had supper. Fantastic hardly describes the feast that had been prepared and we all had the chance to chat with our audience and enjoy another perfect evening in perfect Kingsland. If I didn’t live in the Surrey Hills I’d move here. Or to Uley. They both have a magical quality about them which I’ve not experienced anywhere else.
Oh dear, can I hear those men in white again…


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