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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Opera Walk Diary

Here at last is the first – and massive – post on my new blog site. I owe Matt Hasteley (the designer of this great website) and my son William a big thank you for making it remotely possible for me to keep a diary this way. Computer technology and I are on nodding terms only and I can manage only as long as I’m told precisely what to do and when. I’ve never known what went on under the bonnet of my car, even though I’ve been driving for 38 years; and as far as this computer is concerned, I have the brain capacity of an amoeba.

After months of preparation – and more than a modicum of strife in the latter stages – May 14th finally dawned and it was time to set off for the Coliseum in St Martin’s Lane, central London.
Or not.
We discovered a little late in the day that we had too much stuff to go into Will’s car; so we packed the rest into his girlfriend Sharon’s car and drove in convoy up to Weybridge and the Cribbins’ house.
Gill and Bernard Cribbins (yes, the film, TV, radio and theatre star) have been unbelievably helpful with the Opera Walk. Gill had the most professional donation forms on the planet designed by Taurus Print of West Byfleet and she and Bernard have given me wonderful advice, support and encouragement throughout the gestation period of this mammoth project.
We left Sharon’s car in Weybridge and then headed into London; only to discover that Wandsworth Bridge was closed and there was a gigantic parade to do with either Chelsea Flower Show or Chelsea Football Club. I never learned which.
So, it looked as if I was going to miss my own departure – a surreal and dreamlike experience which only dissipated when we changed direction and battled through Clapham instead.
Oh joy! We finally reached the Coliseum, loaded all the gear into our fabulously smart Jaguar Diesel Estate (kindly donated by Guy Salmon of Thames Ditton) and joined the party inside the Coli.
ENO management had very kindly laid on complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits and after a couple of press interviews and a quick hello to the galaxy of stars who’d sweetly come to wave me off, we all finally adjourned to the foyer for the goodbye.
It was bloody marvellous. Members of the ENO chorus had given up their Sunday lie-in to sing for me – and appropriately they chose ‘Keep Right On to the End of the Road’ and ‘When You Walk Through a Storm.’ How very prophetic that turned out to be…
Johnny Graham Hall made a lovely speech and gave me a large parcel full of wonderful foot goodies. And boy have they all been useful. I thanked everyone for coming – without making a complete fool of myself and then it was time to go. It was time to hit the road for real and become a gypsy again, roaming the highways and byways of Britain.

Another surreal experience; walking out of London with the intention of reaching Cardiff was bizarre in the extreme.
Accompanied by a group of my dearest friends, I walked up the Mall to Buckingham Palace; and as we were all wearing Opera Walk T-shirts and Carolyn was carrying a Welsh Dragon tea towel, we did get some strange looks. At the palace, Carolyn, Julia and Hilary wished me luck and turned back for the Coli.
That left me, my best friend since I was eleven, Diana Watson, and her son Richard to accompany me out of the metropolis.
Diana was going to walk with me for the first week and it was great to have her company, as well as her rather useful ability as a map reader. I’m generally ok but have to admit that I quite often go wrong. And it’s more than a nuisance if you go seriously wrong on foot. It’s alright in the car or on horseback but when you’re on Shank’s pony there’s a huge incentive to get things right first time.

On we walked, dodging the strolling Sunday crowds and passing familiar landmarks left and right; the Albert Hall, Kensington Gardens, Hammersmith Flyover all rapidly dwindled from sight and, in what seemed no time at all, we had our first meeting with Lorna Washington, the project manager of the walk, in Chiswick.

A quick sandwich, renewed supplies of Buxton Water – thank you Caroline Juin at Nestle – and it was off along the A315.
We decided the A4 would be less than pleasant so chose to meander through the heavenly delights of Brentford, Isleworth and Hounslow. I stopped for twenty minutes to do a phone interview with the Daily Mail and Richard showed me how to use the GPS watch I’d been sponsored by great friends of mine, Julian and Vivienne Bishop and Coast and Country Estates of Fishguard, West Wales.
I couldn’t even turn the blasted thing on – but Richard, with the confidence of all young people confronted with gadgets, pressed all the right buttons and told me in words of two syllables what to do.

Around tea time, Richard was encouraged rather firmly by his mama to go home (revision for important exams), and Diana and I walked on alone. It was beginning to feel like ‘ten green bottles’ – and now we were down to two.
I cannot lie and say that the A30 is an interesting road to walk along; and how anyone lives under the flight path from Heathrow I shall never comprehend. But the miles rolled by and eventually we were obliged to leave the A30 a mile or so short of the M25. We followed a cycle path and to our astonishment found ourselves on Staines Moor. This was something of a surprise. Fields, cattle and hedgerows were unexpected to put it mildly – and of course, we immediately got lost. I don’t know why I ever go off road as I always go wrong.
We found our way off the Moor, along an old railway embankment and eventually reached some houses.
We were directed towards Wraysbury by a very nice and somewhat startled young man and his instructions were impeccable. What he did not take into account was that every plant known to man had erupted in joyous abandon over the previous few days and what had once been passable was now a wasteland of stinging nettles and brambles.
Two miles later and stung to buggery, we fell into Wraysbury at the station and called Lorna, who was by now beginning to worry about our whereabouts.
The joy of a hot bath and a fabulous dinner in the company of new friends Vicky and Bernard cannot be adequately described. Fantastic doesn’t even come close.
Comfy beds, Nurofen to ease the stiffness of a first afternoon’s 22 miles and a quick foot massage on a rather wonderful machine lent to me by physiotherapist friends, Angie and Sue, brought the day to a close.
Not bad.


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